Friday, July 30, 2010

No Way!!! Way!!!

So my week had been begun as a crummy, expensive and stressful one. My crafting mojo was in hiding and i was just feeling fried. Fast forward to today, which did began a bit crazy, but unbeknowst to me, ended up being a pretty good night... Ok, so not the most awesome thing a girl could ask for but - a card crafting Cricut crazy girl ~ yes...
I found a Cricut cartridge -while shopping a local thrift store (drumroll please) for get this ~  TWO DOLLARS!!!!! I found Sweethearts -case, overlay, book and cart- mint condition!!! $2..I was so very happy about this find. After my crummy week i decided today that an iced coffee and some retail therapy was just what i needed. I hit the local thrift store first and after that my plan was to head to Walmart for a new Cricut lite cart. You can imagine my thrill of finding the Sweethearts cart for only $2 - saved me from spending $39+ at Wallyworld. I peruse the tag sale type stores a few times a week in search of a great find - most times ending up with some decent bargains - but this one, so far tops them all. i have also found CM 12x12 albums, brand new in the packaging for 3-4 dollars and then resell them for a good profit, but todays treasure will be happily be added to my evergrowing collection of Cricut carts.
Ladies ~ dont forget to check your local thrift stores for craft and scrapbook items - my fave place (Goodwill) gets alot of items from Target- and you know they have a nice scrap isle. Cant wait to make something from my "new" Sweethearts cart! oh wait....I feel it....mojo returning! lol.

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DoubleClick Connections said...

Yippee!! Nothing beats a remarkable bargain and an iced coffee!!

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