Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cricut Vinyl project

Wow. Its been some time since I have been able to craft or post. I lost my electricity, water and internet during Hurricane Irene for nearly 6 days...and to boot when the power went out, my PC's power supply got fried!
I had been quite busy with work for the entire summer and didn't get to make but one card....Well, its finally Fall and I seem to have more time on my hands. I made a super quick vinyl project and it turned out super cute! Pictured below, is the 3 drawer desktop storage, from Walmart, clearance $4.00 each from the back to school section. My sister asked if I could find some storage for the kids crayon and markers, I found them, but I had to pretty them up! This was so simple. I used my Gypsy to choose a couple of semi-solid images and a font. I cut them them out in the pink (Cricut brand) and blue (from the art store) vinyl. Which was a deal - single sheet vinyl - $1.12- cheap!!! :o)
The font for both, is from the Birthday Cakes cartridge. The crown was from Sweet Treats (i hid the lines) and the heart, George and Basic Shapes. The little airplane and the sailboat (hid lines) are both from the B is for Boy cart. In the top drawer, I also tucked in a small stamp set for each kid. My sister and her kids loved them! If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive project for a kid, try this!

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