Wednesday, December 14, 2011

clearance deals @ Walmart

Hi All ~ I went to a Walmart about an hour from where i live today and found some super deals ~ each of these studio G craft supplies were a whopping .20 cents! I picked up 3 mini punches, the bat, spider and witches hat. I also got two of the 4 pack glitters and 3 rolls of ribbon, there is 4 feet on each roll. 
They also had the rest of the studio G line of the stickers and paper packs for .20 cents each. Be sure to check your local (or further!) Walmart craft sections.
Gotta love a deal!


Karen said...

Hi Diane, I haven't seen you lately so I am checking in! I think that we are all having a hard time getting motivated after the holidays! I love the cards, and hope you stop by soon! Hope to see some more of your work soon, Karen♥

ownhomedog said...

hi Karen, im here just been hanging really low. too much stress. i think things are looking up though! thank you for thinking of me! hope u are well also.

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