Monday, August 30, 2010

Classroom project

My boyfriends mother is a school teacher for third graders. I occasionally help her out with projects for her classroom. Today I worked on apples for her students desks and lockers. She will hand them out tomorrow, the first day of school, and the children will write their names on them and place them accordingly. I made 25 of the 5" apples and 25 of 3" apples. I really enjoy using my Cricut to help Mrs. A. decorate her classroom. Last year I made her leprechans and their matching attire and the kids put them all together. She told me the kids loved making them! I was very happy to have cut them all out - even if there was 50 little pairs of shoes to cut! There are upcoming school projects in the works. As soon as I get the go ahead my Cricut will be getting a work out again!


Kel said...

Luv your apples.. I taught in a preK classroom years back and wish i had had my cricut then.. I do it from my home now and I do my bulletin boards and other stuff with cricut. it's great.. I even have the kids cuttlebug and use my baby bug, they love it

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

How fun! I bet the kids will love it!

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