Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Apologies to my fellow bloggers - i am having some serious technical difficulties with my blog and im not sure how long it will take to clear it up! If anyone has any help to offer - im all ears! thanks in advance!!! diane


Love That Bug said...

What kind of problems are you having?>

ownhomedog said...

i had decided to change the background on my blogger and i must have been using the old - minima type format. Well i went into setting etc and change the layout to make it so i had a column on the side (to put blinkies etc) and when i went to change it it would come up as old set up - the fonts and things- then change over. but not be changed when clicked on - so then i just started over and now i have a background with a large logo over my info and its just all messed up. Ugh.

Alexandra said...

hey =]
i hope you are able to figure out all of the problems but your blog still looks great so dont worry about it =]

o a better note =] i gave you an award on my blog if you want to go on over and check it out=]


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

It looks good to me, I don't see anything strange, but I have used the blogger help before and it has some good info there, maybe you can type in the problem.

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