Friday, November 19, 2010

Real Customer Service

I have been using Martha Stewart products since way back in the day. For the most part I really enjoy them. This past summer I jumped on the score board wagon and got myself the Martha Steward score board. Love it! I really do. Its now a staple in my craft "room". Very handy and simple to use. I did however have one minor problem with it. The scoring tool that comes with board (and yes I love the handy little compartment so you dont misplace it!) is somewhat flexible? I guess you would call it - so it can fit into the grooves on the board. Well the tip of mine chipped off - I could still use it but it had to be careful not to shred my paper. So a few weeks ago I had written the customer service for the products to ask where i could purchase another tool. To my surprise, I got an email back the very next day. They let me know that they want their customers to be completely satisfied. Do you know that they were so gracious to have sent me TWO FREE REPLACEMENT scoring tools? Yep. Made me happy. But what was even better than just free stuff- was a commitment to standing behind their product. If you have purchased items (anything - not just craft related) and you have problems or defective products, be sure to contact the manufactuers to see if they can help you. Most companies really want their customers to love or try their products and they will send you samples, coupons or replacements if you just ask. So for today, Im happy to say, Martha Stewart/ Wilton Products, "it's a good thing!"


Kadrisc said...

I have to say that when I started reading your post about Martha Stewart, I expected you to say that they told you to bad and to go buy another one. I am pleasantly surprised that they took care of you. I would't have even thought to write. Thanks for sharing!! Karen

Court said...

Hello! :) I was just checking my blog and saw that you became a follower! :) Welcome and thank you for enjoying my work enough to hit that button!

I LOVE my Martha Stewart Scoreboard too! So glad to hear that they have wonderful customer service as well.

Have a great night!

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