Thursday, May 20, 2010

Deal of the day

Monday had begun as kind of a boring, blah day. This middle - eh, not much different. But Monday evening, however, was much more amusing. My boyfriend and I started our evening by bringing back the cotton candy machine that we had rented for my nephews 11th birthday (hello!! FUN!) and then we went on to run a few more errands, which landed us at the auto parts store...yay, Ya! As Art was looking for the parts he wanted, I got bored and wandered, right over to the clearance section. Rummaging through the sale stuff, I found a car phone charger (the one for my cell phone) for only $4.95 - I was pretty happy about that, a savings of about $10. Sweet. This night i didnt have my wallet on my so i had asked Art to front me the cash to get it. And as you guess - he "cracked eggs" at me and was like - "do you really need it?" - Chirp. Chirp.
So i plead my case to him and he finally agreed to buy it for me. I was happy, I was getting a charger - for less than five bucks! I havent had a car charger in months since mine had broke. At the register, the cashier chatted it up with Art and rang up our stuff and told us the total. Art was a little confused until he read the screen. .05 cents. The cashier was happy and wide eyed and was like "dang - you are getting a deal!" My charger was only a nickel!!!! It makes you feel so good when you find a deal on something you really need or want! :-)

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